The Art of Corporate Storytelling: A Closer Look at Recruitment, Culture, and Engagement videos

Whether you want to showcase your company’s services and products, your culture, attract new talent or boost employee morale, there’s a type of video that can help you achieve your goals. Today, I’m taking a look at three types of videos that can often be confused: employee recruitment videos, corporate culture videos, and employee engagement videos. Although very similar, they have their own characteristics and help to achieve different objectives. If you’re looking for ways to build a stronger, more experienced team, I invite you to discover these videos that can influence employee hiring and retention. As an experienced videographer in Montreal, I would be happy to help you bring your ideas to life and make your business and employees shine.

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Employee Recruitment Video

In a context where it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to recruit employees, the employee recruitment video has become an essential tool. In my opinion, this type of video should be part of any modern recruitment strategy, and a must-have in corporate video production.

Recruitment videos are designed to capture the attention of potential candidates by giving them a glimpse of what it’s like to work at your company, as well as the positions and benefits you offer. Captivating employee testimonials as well as appealing images of the workplace, employees in action and unique spaces such as on-site gyms and daycare centers are all excellent elements to include in a recruitment video. Done right, a recruitment video is more than just a visual presentation; it’s an invitation to candidates to become part of your team, as well as a valuable tool for communicating essential information about the recruitment process.

Creating a Recruitment Video – In Brief


  • Feature in-depth information about various positions available, giving candidates a clear understanding of the job roles and responsibilities.
  • Include real testimonials and ‘a day in the life’ segments from existing employees, offering a personal perspective on working at your company.
  • Highlight the advantages of joining your team, including work culture, employee benefits, and growth opportunities.
  • Integrating a direct call to action that encourages application submissions.

Storytelling Approach

  • Craft stories that provide valuable insights into your company, making it an attractive place for potential candidates.
  • Demonstrate how prospective employees can align with and contribute to the company’s goals and ethos.

Strategic Aims

  • Clearly communicate the various career paths and development opportunities available within the company.
  • Encourage potential candidates to take the next step and apply for open positions.


  • Captivate and attract candidates who are a perfect fit for your company’s culture and needs.
  • Foster a more efficient recruitment process by drawing in well-informed and interested candidates.
  • Position your company as a desirable and forward-thinking employer in your industry.

Starbucks has created multiple great employee recruitment videos, one of which is the one below dedicated to careers at their corporate offices across North America.

Corporate Culture Videos

The main goal of corporate culture videos is to communicate a company’s identity, mission and values to current employees and external audiences, which can include potential customers, partners and future employees. More than just a tour of your company’s premises, they give you the opportunity to showcase the real stars – your team – and the dynamic environment in which they thrive.

As one of the most important videos in corporate video production, the corporate culture video gives your employees a voice, allowing their unique and authentic stories and experiences to shine through. Many people often confuse corporate culture videos with recruitment videos. Although they can indirectly contribute to recruitment by presenting the company as an attractive place to work, their primary objective is to highlight the company’s internal culture and values.

Creating a Corporate Culture Video – In Brief


  • Feature authentic employee testimonials to share genuine workplace experiences.
  • Communicate your company’s mission, values, social and environmental commitments.
  • Showcase the aspects that make your workplace special and inclusive.
  • Include snapshots of day-to-day activities, team collaborations, and company events.

Storytelling Approach

  • Use a narrative style to create an engaging and emotional connection.
  • Illustrate what makes your company unique and a great place to work.

Strategic Aims

  • Use the video as a tool for talent attraction and employee retention.
  • Celebrate and communicate the company’s ethos and work culture.


  • Enhances the company’s image as an employer of choice.
  • Builds a stronger, more connected workplace community.
  • Reinforces company values and boost team morale.

Below is an example of a corporate culture video from Apple.

Employee Engagement Video

Less familiar, employee engagement videos are a powerful form of corporate communication designed to inspire and motivate your workforce. These videos go beyond conventional corporate messaging to create a deeper connection with your employees. An employee engagement video serves as a platform to highlight your company’s achievements, values, and the individuals who contribute to its success. It’s a tool to foster a sense of unity and commitment among your team members. I believe that an inspiring engagement video combined with other incentives can contribute to employee retention by fostering a sense of pride and belonging.

Creating an Employee Engagement Video – In Brief


  • Recognize individual and team accomplishments to boost morale.
  • Share inspiring messages and vision from the company’s leaders.
  • Display the fun and collaborative aspects of working at your company.

Storytelling Approach

  • Craft stories that resonate with employees, fostering a sense of pride and belonging.
  • Share stories of challenges overcome and milestones achieved, illustrating the company’s growth and success.

Strategic Aims

  • Strengthen the bond between employees and the company.
  • Reinforce the core values and mission of the company through real-life examples.


  • Creates a positive work environment where employees feel valued and motivated.
  • Enhances the perception of the company as a supportive and rewarding place to work.
  • Increases employee retention by making employees feel connected and valued, reduces turnover and builds a loyal workforce.

Here is a welcome video from TrueCar that is dedicated to boosting future employee engagement.

Crafting the Right Type of Corporate Video for Your Needs

In an increasingly competitive job market, it’s important to understand the distinctions between recruitment, culture and engagement videos to ensure you achieve the desired objectives. While culture and engagement videos allow you to celebrate your history and your employees, recruitment videos open your doors to new talent. Together, these videos form a holistic approach to corporate communications and are essential to a modern corporate video production strategy.

In summary:

  • If you want to attract potential talent, go for an employee recruitment video.
  • If you want to showcase your company’s ethos and work environment, opt for a corporate culture video.
  • If you want to engage and motivate your current workforce, choose an employee engagement video.

Note that each of these videos can be created by combining images of your company, testimonials from your employees and motion graphics. However, animation is another form of video favored by some companies like REI Co-op to get their message across. No matter what video format you choose, the content should always be in line with the intended purpose.

Whether you want to highlight your corporate culture, attract new talent or strengthen employee engagement, The Serious Moonlight Productions can help you bring your vision to life. As an experienced Montreal videographer, I enjoy working closely with my clients to deliver compelling corporate videos. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your project.