Welcome to Our Newly Updated Website

We are over the moon about the launch of our new and improved website. The new Serious Moonlight Productions site offers extensive information and resources for both existing clients and those looking for a reputable professional in video production in Montreal. Read on below and let us shed some more light on what our new website has to offer.

Discover What Makes Us Special

Our improved website now offers a comprehensive overview of the services offered by Serious Moonlight Productions. With over 25 years of experience in video production, we excel at creating corporate videos and motion graphics complemented by photography. These are end-to-end services, meaning we work through all stages of video creation. Our final products will effectively communicate the intended story and work to convert your audience into clients.

By orbiting around you and your needs, we strive to eclipse the competition. We believe that your input, opinions and feedback are vital to the creative process, which is why we make sure to conceive and craft media solutions collaboratively. Our decades of experience as videographers in Montreal shine through in our creativity and high-quality dynamic videos, all whilst being sensitive to your budget from the get-go.

Gravitate Around Our Creations

We don’t have a dark side… You are invited to sit back and visit our video gallery, as well as our photo gallery, showcasing the quality that Serious Moonlight Productions consistently delivers. These galleries contain diverse video productions, such as corporate videos, animated infographics and more. They are not only a testament to the skills and dedication of the Serious Moonlight Productions team, but also serve as a source of inspiration for businesses and individuals seeking creative visual solutions.

Liftoff on the New Blog Mission

An exciting new feature is the addition of a blog. Here, you will benefit from articles on a diverse range of topics related to the videography and corporate video production industry in Montreal, offering insights, tips, and advice. It will serve as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand the nuances of the industry or the specifics of the services offered by Serious Moonlight Productions.

That’s Our Story, Now Tell Us Yours

With the launch of our enhanced website, the Serious Moonlight Productions team hopes to stand out in the digital cosmos, illuminating your path to a better understanding of our exceptional video production services. Browse our website to discover our passion for videography, witness the quality of our work first hand and through testimonials, and understand why we are a top choice for video production in Montreal, more specifically in the West Island. We are here to help your brand shine no matter what size your business is. All you have to do is talk to us about your project and let us tell your story!

– The team at Serious Moonlight Productions

Ivan Presser

About Ivan Presser

Ivan Presser, the creative force behind Serious Moonlight Productions, brings over a quarter-century of digital imagery expertise to the vibrant cultural and business heart of Montreal. Specializing in video production, video marketing, as well as photography, Ivan’s approach is anything but ordinary. His expertise in video production is shown through his work on national television shows like Masterchef Canada, interviews with notable Canadian figures such as Brian Mulroney and Jean Charest, along with collaborations with various production studios in Montreal and clients globally, such as Microsoft, Bell, McDonald’s, and SAP.. Read More