Motion Graphics Services

The Serious Moonlight Productions offers motion graphics services to take your productions to a new level, by visually captivating your audience’s attention. These two-dimensional animated graphics breathe life into your message by creatively galvanizing your video. It can be as subtle as an animated logo, or as potent as full green screen keying with moving graphics behind it. Animations and special effects integrated seamlessly into your video are what set our video production company apart from our competitors. They can be used for explaining concepts by animating text, charts, graphs, and illustrations. Overall, motion graphics are a valuable tool in video production, when used properly. They can enhance visual appeal, and increase the visual quality of your overall production, communicating your message more effectively. The more engaging your content, the more likely you are to improve your conversion rate online and impress your audience.

Enhancing Videos with Creative Elements

We are passionate about the creativity we offer. With motion graphics, we can make images come to life like never before. We can make your logo dance across the screen and captivate your audience. We can take a mundane PowerPoint presentation and breathe life into it by animating the charts in three-dimensional space. We can seamlessly have a number of your photos and images staggered across space to convert depth. It can be as simple as removing unwanted elements in your footage or as complex as seamlessly combining new elements together to create new material. Compositing existing video footage with titles, graphics, and special effects ensures you invest in a professional-looking video project that makes a huge impact on your audience.

Video with Creative Elements

Experts in Motion Graphics

Even if the production of a corporate video may be more conservative, our approach can at times be unconventional and wildly creative. We take a lateral approach to creative direction and are able to present a variety of options that will make a lasting impact. Often you might see motion graphics used in explainer videos to animate more easily what video simply can not. We may add graphics to a demo video to convey a sense of scale or statistics on the opposite side of the screen of a pharmaceutical video to convey the latest breakthrough in technology. Our expertise in motion graphics pushes the limits of conventional video to elevate your message making it unforgettable.

Why Should You Invest
in Motion Graphics?

  • Brand recognition is easily reinforced with moving images, iconography, and creative colour use.

  • Used creatively, motion graphics grab the viewer’s attention from the beginning of your project and engage the audience

  • When a video is only a few minutes long, motion graphics help simplify complex concepts quickly and make them easily digestible.

  • If every other video in your industry looks the same, using motion graphics in your production makes your video more memorable.

  • Videos can easily be edited, updated, and modified when they are created using motion graphics.

Our Featured Motion Graphics Work


Whether it’s adding to a new video or modifying an existing one, our expert videographers are ready to help. Contact us today to discuss your project and goals with us.