Project Abraham

Abraham, the father of many nations.

As Genesis teaches us, Abraham was father to both Issac and Ishmael, who in turn became the forefathers of the Jewish and Muslim people.

With Project Abraham, we take a slightly different turn from our usual corporate video productions. In an effort to tell some of the most important stories spoken in the Montreal community today, Serious Moonlight Productions has undergone a vital new video based project. Here we will post an ongoing series of short videos with strong messages of peace for the Israeli / Hamas crisis in the Middle East. This is not a platform to promote anti-Zionist hatred, as Serious Moonlight stands in solidarity with Israel’s inalienable right to defend itself. We will give community leaders (both civic and religious) the opportunity to tell unique personal stories and voice their calls for peace, without the opportunity to condone the actions of Hamas terrorists.  Specifically, we are looking to hear from Israeli and Palestinians, Jew, Muslim, and Christian people alike.

If you feel you have a unique story that needs telling, I encourage you to contact us. We will come to you with our professional video equipment, record your 30 to 60 second video message of peace, and offer you an opportunity to tell a unique perspective that the world needs to hear. We will not only do this free of charge to you, but we will post your video message in an ongoing gallery below and send you the link to share on your social media platforms.

Contact us, and let us, tell your story ….




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