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Specializing in video and photo production in Montreal, The Serious Moonlight Productions offers a unique multimedia approach to your video or photo production. With over 25 years of experience as videographers in Montreal, we have worked with many production studios both in Montreal as well as clients from around the world. In the ever-monotonous world of stale corporate productions, Serious Moonlight offers its clients a ‘think outside the box’ experience. We believe in offering the client a product that stands out above the rest in the corporate world of standard pie charts and bar graphs.

We have been involved in video production ranging from corporate videos, marketing videos, social media content, television commercials and TV shows, as well as non-profit organizations. Other productions include biography videos, documentaries, as well as short films.

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A Videographer’s Journey of Passion and Creativity

Hello, I’m Ivan Presser, a dedicated and passionate freelance videographer and video editor based in Montreal, with an extensive 25+ year journey in the world of video production and video marketing. My career took flight when I was handed my first real film camera at the age of 18, igniting a creative spark that led me to pursue degrees in Creative Arts and Cultural Anthropology. This diverse background has shaped my unique approach to storytelling, whether it’s through corporate video production, biographical videos, short films, TV productions, or even multimedia experiences.

My work has taken me across Canada, the US, the UK, and Israel, capturing compelling moments in both video and photography. I’m proud to offer my expertise as a videographer in Montreal, wielding an array of cameras from HD to 4K and even 6K video quality, supported by my post-production editing facility.

Highlights of my career include filming for various TV shows, both Canadian and international, working on a TV series for Canal Vie as a cameraman and editor for several seasons, and contributing to two independent films. Notably, I’ve produced a biography on the Life and Times of Mel Dobrin (of the Steinberg family) and conducted interviews with prominent figures like Brian Mulroney and Jean Charest. My experience with celebrities extends to an EPK with Catherine Zeta-Jones, among others. In addition to these amazing projects, I’ve also worked with well-known companies such as Bell, McDonald’s and SAP.

My skills encompass camera operation, script writing, talent direction, motion graphics, video editing, and most importantly, compelling storytelling. I’ve also ventured into DVD and web productions for notable names such as Chick’N Swell, Jean Lapointe, Ding et Dong, and Les Grandes Gueules.

Whether it’s a product video or a tribute video, I believe there’s always a story to be told, and as a videographer in Montreal, I’m here to tell it with creativity, passion, and technical expertise. Complementing my video services, I also offer professional photography, capturing the essence of your story through stunning, high-quality images that speak volumes and add an extra dimension to your narrative.

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Ivan Presser, vidéaste d'expérience à Montréal

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Look no further than Serious Moonlight for your video production needs! Our team of skilled Montreal videographers will help you bring your vision to life through striking images and innovative compositions.



With over 25 years of diverse experience in video production and motion graphics, we bring unparalleled expertise and know-how to the creation of visually captivating and inspiring content.

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Using 4K and 6K cameras, we help you take your video production to the next level. Discover the ultimate visual experience that will immerse your audience in breathtaking, high-quality content.



As experienced videographers, we have an absolute passion for every project. We love working with you to produce a video that captures your vision. From corporate videos to testimonials, our dedication shines through in every image we capture.


With our keen eye for detail and passion for images, we can turn your ideas into visual stories that will leave a lasting impact. From motion graphics to unconventional shots, you can count on us to come up with innovative ideas.

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From corporate video production to photography, you can count on The Serious Moonlight Productions to help you showcase your brand in the best possible light. Contact us today to discuss your project and goals.