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Project Abraham: Rabbi Boris Dolin

The tragedy in Israel and the war in Gaza has been an unbelievable shock for the Jewish community, for the people of Israel and in Gaza and throughout the world. When I encounter a challenging moment such as this, I like to look to the sources of wisdom in my tradition, specifically at this time the story of Abraham, the founding father of the three major faiths that are so rooted in the Holy Land.

Abraham was able to be so many things at once. He was a strong leader who did all that he could to care for his community and make sure that they were safe and connected. He was a powerful military commander who fought against evil and protected his people and his land.

But above all, Abraham was known as a humble, compassionate soul, someone who opened up his tent to those who are most different than him, making sure that they had a warm meal and a place to sleep. At times like this, I think we need to all be more like Abraham.

We do need to fight against evil, but always remember to protect the innocent people who are caught in the crossfire. We need to pick sides, but we also need to remember the wisdom that can be found in hearing other viewpoints.

We need to continue to fight, but also know that above all what matters most at this time is the greatest victory that we can work towards is peace.

- Rabbi Boris Dolin