Winning Strategies for Creating Impactful Employee Recruitment Videos

To stand out as an employer in today’s competitive marketplace, you know you need a reliable and talented workforce. However, finding that workforce can be challenging and often requires using a range of recruitment strategies. This is where employee recruitment videos come in.

Did you know that recruitment videos help make the initial selection process more efficient and attract more qualified candidates? In this article, I explain why employee recruiting videos are essential for any organization wishing to stand out in the recruitment market. I also offer a few tips that I hope will help you plan the creation of a successful recruitment video. So, let’s dive right in!

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What is an Employee Recruitment Video?

First of all, what is an employee recruitment video? To keep up with the times, I asked AI to answer this question for me.

“An employee recruitment video is a strategic tool used by organizations to attract potential job candidates. It is a form of video content that showcases the company’s culture, values, workplace environment, and benefits, aiming to engage and persuade talented individuals to apply for open positions. These videos often feature current employees discussing their experiences, highlight key aspects of the job, and provide a visual tour of the workplace.”

What Are the Benefits of Employee Recruiting Videos?

Looking to improve your recruitment strategy? Talent acquisition videos have been proven to offer several key benefits that can significantly improve an organization’s hiring process. I’m sharing some of these benefits with you below.

Benefits of Employee Recruitment Videos

Increased Reach and Engagement

Research shows that employee recruitment videos attract and retain more attention than text-based job postings, not to mention all the information you can communicate in a video! What’s more, recruitment videos can be easily shared across different platforms, including social media, your company website and job boards, significantly increasing your reach. According to CareerBuilder’s internal data, job postings on their platform featuring video icons are viewed 12% more often than those without. Video production can help you create these videos to maximize your reach.

Simplified Communication and Cultural Insight

Recruitment videos offer a dynamic way to communicate job roles and the essence of your company. Candidates can visualize themselves in the role and work environment, leading to better match and higher-quality applications.

Enhanced Employer Brand and Competitive Advantage

A well-produced job recruitment video helps demonstrate your organization’s commitment to innovation and excellence. It distinguishes your brand in the marketplace, making your company more attractive to top-tier talent who prioritize employers that invest in their workforce. Working with experts in corporate video production will help convey your employer brand’s strengths effectively.

Improved Conversion Rates and Cost-Effectiveness Over Time

Investing in a recruitment video strategy can improve the efficiency of your hiring process, resulting in higher application rates and more effective candidate selection. According to CareerBuilder, job offers that include a video have a 34% higher application rate than those that do not. Furthermore, search engines love videos. Adding a video to your Careers page can help make your company more visible to potential candidates in organic search. In the long term, videos help reduce recruitment costs and turnover rates by enabling better candidate filtering from the start.

Strategies to Create a Successful Employee Recruitment Video

Creating a recruitment video is more than just setting up a camera and recording. Careful thought and meticulous planning are required to capture and convey the essence of your company and attract the right candidates. In my experience as a Montreal videographer, there are five key elements to consider when developing effective recruitment videos.

Strategies for Employee Recruitment Videos

1. Define Your Audience

It is one thing to want to create an employee recruitment video. It is another to define who is your intended audience. If you do not do this, how will you know if you are creating an appropriate and accurate message that will resonate with your preferred candidates?

I suggest starting with the basics – identify the skills, experience, and education that candidates should have, as well as the positions and departments in your company that are seeking candidates.

You also need to identify what your audience will need. Based on the demographics above, determine what you can offer. Is it work-life balance, compensation, work-from-home potential, professional advancement or other values, beliefs, and opportunities – or a combination of these aspects?

I can help you discover what you need in a talent acquisition video that will open up your business to a wider array of candidates as well as optimize your chances of successful recruitment.

2. Plan Your Content

Before you start recording, you need to determine what will be the key messages you want to deliver to your audience. I can help you make sure you are reaching the audience you want to reach, and be able to relay those messages accurately in your talent acquisition video. These messages can include:

  • Specifying what your corporate culture is, including core values, work-life balance, and potential for career advancement.
  • Demonstrating how your current employees feel about your company using testimonials.
  • Indicating why would candidates want to apply, and what is involved in the application process.

I also tell my clients to make a summary of the key points they want to make, but without cramming in too much – you want to maintain interest. As the saying goes, less can be more.

Finally, be aware of the tone you want to strike, and combine that with the appropriate style of videos. This helps to ensure you are appealing to the preferred candidates. Leveraging corporate video production expertise can ensure your message is clear and engaging.

3. Involve the Right People

Now onto the next point – who should be involved in your employee recruitment video?

In Front of the Camera

Naturally, you need to decide who should be in front of the camera. For an employee recruiting video, the answer is obvious – current employees! Because you want authenticity, I suggest asking for volunteers. These people would be more comfortable appearing in a video. I also feel that you need a mix of employees – both management and non-management to offer a good summary of the overall corporate culture from different perspectives.

Prepare them by giving the questions and a few pointers for answers, but let them come up with the answer on their own as a way of being genuine.

Behind the Camera

It’s possible to make interesting videos with just a smartphone and minimal lighting equipment, and I’m well aware of that. However, these videos are often used for social media and are, in the majority of cases, short-lived.

Experienced videographers in corporate video production should be able to guide you and help you save time in producing a professional-quality recruitment video that you’ll be proud of and be able to reuse over and over again. This video can then be easily adapted into various versions for your website, social media, recruitment platforms, job fairs and more.

Before and During the Process

Another element that most people don’t think about is the legal aspect of your video. You’ll potentially need advice from your legal department or, if you don’t have any, an external legal consultant. The music you wish to use, logos or trademarks on clothing or filming locations, as well as privacy law and copyright regulations are all elements that may require legal advice. If you don’t know where to start, a good videographer is generally aware of the various legal aspects to consider when shooting a video and can guide you.

4. Incorporate Branding

Brand integration starts with the obvious – integrating distinctive visual elements of your company. This includes logos, which you can highlight in a variety of locations such as at the front of your building, in boardrooms where you are filming, and even on small items such as mugs or clothing.

Don’t forget another main component involved in branding – the location where you actually film. What does the office look like where you are filming – is it sunny, are there plants, is the location mostly empty? I can help you identify subtle ways to shape your business’ image to every viewer.

Finally, branding is also demonstrated through the words used in your video. You can repeat the same ideas, but try not to use the same words too often – it may feel too stilted.

5. Optimize for Different Platforms

One final key to success is considering where you will show your video. It is not a one-size-fits-all option, even if the content will be the same. For example, what works well on LinkedIn may not quite fit the style, tone, or length appropriate for Facebook or your website. Your goal should be to spread your message as far and wide as possible to reach as many candidates as possible, and that should require flexibility to adapt for greater effectiveness. I can help you adjust the length, the segments shown, or even the music appropriate for each platform.

Examples of Effective Employee Recruitment Videos

1. ABB

2. Bolt

3. Starbucks

Elevating Your Recruitment Strategy with Effective Video Content

Creating a successful employee recruitment video is a strategic process that can significantly enhance your talent acquisition efforts. Important steps include defining your target audience, planning visual and audio content, working with the right people, and optimizing for different platforms. With a well-thought-out recruitment video, you not only increase your visibility among qualified candidates but also showcase your company as an attractive place to work to eventually build a talented and committed workforce.

In today’s fiercely competitive labour shortage environment, it’s increasingly important to be creative when it comes to convincing qualified candidates to come and work for you.  As an experienced videographer in Montreal, you can count on me to help you create a compelling recruitment video that will set you apart from other employers. Contact me for more information on our corporate video production services.

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